In Bezirhane for Cappadocia

Discussing the issues of Cappadocia in the axis of architecture, Bezirhane Meetings continue at full stretch. Important headlines and guests come together with three events throughout November.

'Bezirhane Meetings' continue in argos in Cappadocia throughout November under the guidance of Argos Architecture and Arkitera with the attendance of respectable architects from Turkey and abroad.

Architects/designers from İstanbul, İzmir and Ankara come together at Bezirhane Meetings to work on the issues and potentials of Cappadocia with three events. The delegates will be joining a tailor-made tour to the problematic areas of Cappadocia and afterwards, will be joining workshops for three days to come up with locality focused solutions.

In addition to these workshops, panels will be held by three international architects/designers who will pass on their experiences that are exemplary for the issues in Cappadocia.

The meeting dates are as following:
November 14, Friday Joseph Lluis Mateo,
November 19, Friday Mattia Antonio Acito,
November 27, Friday Joseph Grima and Alberto Giardano

The events can be followed on twitter with #bezirhane hastag.