THE ‘GOLDEN VOICES’ of OPERA at argos in Cappadocia

Consisting of professional opera solists, Golden Voices hail the Cappadocia audience with a special ‘concept concert’ for argos in Cappadocia. Soprano Nurdan Küçükekmekçi, soprano Esra Arslantürk Serbest, mezzosoprano Pınar Tekol, together with the group’s founder and pianist Metin Kiper perform the never forgotten pieces around the world. The ‘Unforgettable Melodies’ concert takes the audience to a breath taking journey around the world in the unique acoustics and mystical atmosphere of antique Bezirhane.

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2019
Time: 21.00
Venue: Bezirhane, argos in Cappadocia