“Shakespeare is Dead, Get over it” in Bezirhane

Bezirhane hosts a theatre play in its historical and authentic atmosphere with its impressive natural acoustics. Written by Belgian play writer Paul Pourveur and put on stage by Tiyatro 4, ‘Shakespeare Is Dead, Get Over It’ is an engrossing, extraordinary play full of antilogies.

Admired by the audience in each stage it has been put on so far and covered by national press many times with appraisal, ‘Shakespeare Is Dead, Get Over It’ claims to say new things, refusing the traditional theatre play formats. With successful actors of Tiyatro 4, Derya Efe and Kağan Uluca as the lead roles and directed by Kağan Uluca, the play starts with the killing of a deer and reaches to the story of William Shakespeare and his wife Anna and it becomes a cultural feast which tries to explore the now through the past.

Also being the owner of the ‘Most Successful Male Actor’ award from 3. Bostanlı Rotary Theatre Awards, the tragicomical play visits Cappadocia as a guest of Bezirhane in March. The 70 minutes, one act play will meet limited number of audience, entrance free.

Save the date and don’t miss an outstanding theatre experience in Bezirhane.
Date: March, 24, 2018
Time: 21:00