Jehan Barbur in Bezirhane!

Jehan Barbur, one of Turkey’s best jazz vocals meets Cappadocian audience in the matchless atmosphere of Bezirhane.

A ‘contemporary bard’ who tells stories through songs, a singer with a serene voice that softens the hearts and a writer with strict followers within the world of literature. Dexterous Jehan Barbur visits one of the most special concerts halls of Turkey for a special concert in 4th of April.

Barbur is a specific figure in Turkey’s music scene with her ambition to follow the contemporary woman bard tradition. Her five albums and a single album so far is mostly consist of her own tunes and lyrics. Successful singer also holds awards for ‘The Best Original Music’ from 11th Direklerarası Theatre Audience Awards and ‘The Best Film Score’ from 2011 Yeşilçam Film Academy Awards. Also being among the popular writers with her published three books, Barbur will be sharing her musical stories with her audience in Cappadocia on an unforgettable night.

Reserve your place for this fantastic concert for limited audience.

Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Time: 21:00
Venue: Bezirhane, argos in Cappadocia
Door: 100 TL