If is in Nevşehir with argos in Cappadocia!

Who says that the best social and cultural events do not reach Anatolia? Istanbul Independent Film Festival and argos in Cappadocia comes together, one of Turkey's most beautiful film festivals comes to the way of Cappadocia audience!

The 'alternative film distribution and sharing' project of the Istanbul Independent Film Festival, !f², expanded its borders this year and turned into a 'cinema club' spanning the whole year. With its magnificent acoustics and unique atmosphere, Bezirhane in argos in Cappadocia forms the Nevşehir branch of this cinema club this year. Newly named !f², the event will be shown simultaneously in 33 cities on the last Saturday of every month, while Nevşehir audience will experience this pleasure with the privilege of Bezirhane.

The theme of the premiere of New !f², which will take place simultaneously in 33 different cities from Afyon to Batman, from Tehran to Ramallah, is “There are Women, There is Life!” The first screening of the festival, which will continue for nine months with a film selected from Turkey and the Middle East every month, will be held on February 24 and 25 with 5 films to be screened as part of the 17th !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival. The films will reach 15 thousand people simultaneously in 33 cities and 50 different locations, from Afyon to Batman, from Tehran to Ramallah, and the interviews with the directors and crew will be broadcast live after the screenings. Thus, participants in the New !f² cities will be able to watch the conversation and ask questions to the directors.

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Saturday, February 24
13.00 Bad Girl (Short) & Ava*
16.00 Confrontation*

Sunday, February 25
11.00 Dancing Girls (Short) & Jane