From Mut To Art In argos

Ceramic art is one of the ancient local arts of Cappadocia that evolves in the hands of modern artists. Argos Culture & Arts and argos in Cappadocia joins hands to support it with ‘Alternative Cooking Techniques with Ceramic’ workshop on May 3rd – 4th.

Organic waste, wood shavings and some chemical colorants will be meeting the fire and smoke at the Classic Raku, Copper Matte Raku, Aluminum Foil Saggar and Pit Firing workshops with only a limited number of participants. Nevertheless, anyone who wants to participate to the process is welcome to watch from a safe distance.

The end-works of the participants will be on exhibition in argos in Cappadocia. The opening of the artist Şenay Akkurt’s simultaneous exhibition “Open the Door, You Have Come” will be on 3 May at the exhibition area of Museum Hall.