Enchanting And Traditional Lute in Bezirhane

Bezirhane hosts two esteemed educators/musicians in June. Ali kerim Öner and Ayçin Öner will be in argos in Cappadocia with a concert that will heal the souls.

When Bezirhane’s natural acoustics meets talented musicians and sounds, it creates a magic. This time the traditional lute and vocals will be carrying the audience to other realms. After many concerts in and abroad, Ali Kerim Öner, a doctor and lecturer of Aksaray University and a lute artist with Ayçin Özer, a music teacher and an impressive vocal, will come together with a limited number of audience for a special concert in Bezirhane. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to these master musicians in an unforgettable atmosphere.

Date: 22 June 2018
Time: 21:00
Venue: Bezirhane, argos in Cappadocia