Economy and Society - Where do we come from, where are we going?

Economist Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin with his plain and versed rhetoric explains economy as a notion that has lately become intangible.

Hosted by Bezirhane Meetings on February, Alkin will ask and answer many questions in our minds. Claiming the impossibility of walking towards future with the paradigms of 20th century, the Professor handles questions such as; “How are we going to lead?” “What are the future jobs?” “Will artificial intelligence be included in boards?”. In the axis of economy and society, he will try to enlighten about “where we are coming from and where we are headed to.”

The talks will be in Turkish only.

Date: Friday, February 15, 2019
Time: 17.30
Venue: Bezirhane, argos in Cappadocia