An Unforgettable Piano Recital

World renown especially for her projects combining rock and classical music, young Turkish pianist Ayşe Deniz Gökçin will be in Bezirhane for a free concert.

She was honored in the official website of the legendary Pink Floyd for her album ‘Pink Floyd Lisztified’ that was released as a tribute on the 200th anniversary of Franz Listz. She made it to top 10 in the iTunes ‘Best Classical Albums’ list in Great Britain with her ‘Nirvana Project’ album. She was honored with the ‘Pianist of The Year’ award in 2016 Donizetti Classical Music Awards. So far, she has been on the stage in many prominent festivals and concert halls. Recently released her ‘Piano Playlist Vol. 1’ album which features classical pieces and folk music pieces as well as her own compositions, Ayşe Deniz Gökçin will be meeting the Cappadocia audience through the extraordinary acoustics of historical Bezirhane.

Take your place among the limited audience for this extraordinary night.

Date: 21st September 2018
Time: 21.00
Venue: argos in Cappadocia, Bezirhane